Culture Rules! Cover

Running an organization without an understanding of corporate culture is like driving a speeding car using only the rear view mirror.

Of all the professionals in this field, John Childress has by far the most comprehensive and linked-up understanding of the key dimensions of, and critical levers for effecting, Corporate Culture. His latest book, Culture Rules! is truly a gift, not only to chief executives intent on achieving the extraordinary, but to the science of leadership itself.

~ Demetrie Comnas – Senior HR Executive, Chase Bank (retired)


In working with many internationally acclaimed speakers and authors, seldom have I had the perfect storm with a speaker/author, a critically important business topic and a book converging together at just the right time. It has happened! John Childress is a global practitioner and advisor and has focused his life’s work on Culture and the significant consequences of both good and bad cultures within an organization. John’s latest book CULTURE RULES! delves deeply into culture’s impact on organizational performance! Read and Learn!

~ Jerry Miller….Founder of Speaker Consultant Services


John R. Childress is a practitioner and a pioneer in the fields of organizational culture and its impact on  an organizations performance and effectiveness. John co-founded The Senn-Delaney Leadership Consulting Group, the first international consulting firm to focus exclusively on culture change, leadership development, and senior team alignment. I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel at a University event with John and Stephen M.R. Covey  experiencing first-hand his depth, knowledge and understanding of the impact of CULTURE on organization’s performance. John shared his latest book, CULTURE RULES! and it captured the thoughts he shared.  I highly recommend reading his latest work.

~ Fernando Martinez- President & Chief Executive Officer-Northwest Mountain- Minority Supplier Development Council


Culture has significant impact of an organization’s performance. It is greatly misunderstood, often ignored and always present, even if the leader is not aware. The leader’s vision of their culture may not be reflected in the subcultures within an organization. John R. Childress is a culture expert. As a business founder and a true practitioner, he fully understands the “how to’s”  and the impact of an effective culture within an organization. John’s latest book …CULTURE RULES! provides a roadmap for the implementation and nurturing of a high performance culture. I recommend reading CULTURE RULES!

~ Rich Retzer – President/CMO Business Information Group/Growthworx and co-founder of Lessons In Leadership Events


Most business leaders aspire to be the best leaders they can be.  Learning the mechanics of business is necessary.  But the hardest aspect of leading in business is being able to assess the Culture of a business and most importantly understanding what it truly takes to change it.  John continues to journey where many fear to go, which is understanding both the hard, soft, and messy parts of corporate cultures. This is the Holy Grail of leadership; knowing how to create an environment where employees flourish and businesses succeed not because they have the right products and or services, but because they have a winning culture.

~ Ian Walsh, CEO and President of TRU Simulation + Training Inc.


As Dean of the School of Business, Government & Economics – Seattle Pacific University – I had the pleasure of hosting a Lessons in Leadership event and moderating the Q & A and panel. John Childress was a speaker and a panelist and his contributions to the discussion regarding the impact of an effective culture and the importance of trust on the overall performance of an organization were significant. John’s latest book…CULTURE RULES! presents his understanding and depth of CULTURE and how it drives organizational effectiveness, and it’s a great treatise on Culture.

~ Ross Stewart – Dean of the School of Business, Government & Economics – Seattle Pacific University


This fast-paced book is an actionable guide to understanding and improving the culture of an organization. It explores the soft concept of culture in concrete terms and connects the dots between the culture of an organization and its business performance. Leaders and managers will find this book an invaluable guide to evolve and align their organization’s culture and business strategy for building sustainable value.

~ Frank Tempesta, president & CEO, Textron Systems Corp (retired)


I never really paid that much attention to culture – took it for granted – until I realized how important it is to have cultural alignment with strategy.

~ Eric C. Rogers, Vice President – Marketing & Strategy Execution, T.D. Williamson, Inc.